Teresa Amabile

Creativity, Productivity, and the Psychology of Everyday Work Life

American Management Association Webcast

March 14, 2012

Steve & Teresa will talk about The Progress Principle. View it here.

“Office Hours” with Dan Pink

August 23, 2011

Teresa will be a guest on Dan Pink's "Office Hours" podcast. Dan is the best-selling book Drive. Listen to "Office Hours" here.

“The Live One” on BNET

August 17, 2011

Teresa will be participating in a live interview on BNET's "The Live One". Click here to tune in at 1:00 PM.


August 15, 2011

Featured Speaker

Harvard Business School Club of Chicago

August 11, 2011

Featured Speaker

Open Innovation Summit

August 10, 2011

Keynote Speaker, Chicago

The success of any open innovation program does not begin with external partners or suppliers, but rather with true support internally, enterprisewide, from corporate executive leadership down to innovators “in the trenches.” The key is creating a culture of openness, creativity, and freeflowing ideation. These internal dynamics set a foundation for team performance that can make or break an open innovation program. Join Harvard professor and author of the new book The Progress Principle, Teresa M. Amabile, as she reveals new research on the daily events inside organizations that drive corporate progress and can ultimately bring your open innovation program to the next level of performance, growth, and profitability. All participants in this keynote session will learn how to:

  • Identify and remove obstacles to organizational progress
  • Activate two forces that enable progress – Catalysts & Nourishers
  • Leverage dos and don’ts from the internal team successes and failures of specific companies engaged in open innovation relationships with external partnerson

Learn more here.

Canisius College Women’s Leadership Conference

June 14, 2011

Keynote Speaker

Harvard Business School Club of Los Angeles

April 14, 2011

Featured Speaker

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