Teresa Amabile

Creativity, Productivity, and the Psychology of Everyday Work Life

Harvard School of Public Health SHINE Summit

June 05, 2015

At this summit meeting of researchers and business leaders in the Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE), Teresa will present the progress principle research and its implications for healthy work environments.

Cornell University

April 07, 2015

Teresa will discuss her creativity research, and the state of the field in general, during this seminar in Cornell's School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

Olin College

February 02, 2015

Teresa will be chatting with Olin College faculty about her research and its applicability to engineering education.

Human Capital Institute

September 09, 2014

Teresa presented the progress principle research to an audience that included hundreds of human resource leaders.

Creative Problem-Solving Institute

June 21, 2014

Teresa was the keynote speaker at the annual gala of the Creative Problem-Solving Institute

Aspen Institute

June 18, 2014

As a featured speaker at the annual Aspen Forum for the Future of Higher Education, Teresa discussed the implications of her research on inner work life and the progress principle for higher education strategy.

Boston Children’s Hospital Grand Rounds

April 23, 2014

Teresa discussed the progress principle research with dozens of leaders at Boston Children's Hospital.

Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards

March 08, 2014

Teresa was the keynote speaker at the American Psychological Association's annual Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards ceremony in Washington, DC.

Duke University School of Nursing

March 05, 2014

Teresa gave the prestigious Harriet Cook Carter Distinguished Lecture to dozens of health care professionals, educators, and researchers.

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